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Stood only one 21 The court expressly adopted the "deposited acceptance rule" of Adams v. 3B. Offer and Acceptance: Unilateral Contracts. Thursday, September 7 pages 177-189. Petterson v.

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1928) Appeal from a judgment of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in the second judicial department, entered November 18, 1927, affirming a judgment in favor of plaintiff entered upon a verdict directed by the court. Petterson v. Pattberg. Court of Appeals of New York, 1928. 248 N.Y. 86, 161 N.E. 428. Dawson, pp.

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On April 25, 1924, Petterson paid the defendant the installment of principal due on that date. Subsequently, on a day in the latter part of May, 1924, Petterson presented himself at the defendant's home, and knocked at the door.

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The mortgage had 5 years remaining before it came due. D wrote P and said that he would knock $780 off the mortgage if the mortgage is paid on or before May 31 and the regular quarterly payment due in April is made on time.

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KELLOGG, J. The evidence given upon the trial sanctions the following statement of facts: John Pattberg Facts: Defendant held mortgage note against Plaintiff's property. Defendant offered to Plaintiff that he would accept a discounted payment in full on the mortgage. Plaintiff went to pay the discounted amount to Defendant. Get free access to the complete judgment in PETTERSON v.
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Pattberg. Petterson v.

Pattberg , 248 N.Y. 86, 161 N.E. 428 (Court of Appeals of N.Y. 1928) Prepared by Seth Facts: Petterson was the owner of a parcel of real H2O was built at Harvard Law School by the Library Innovation Lab. Citation. 248 N.Y. 86, 161 N.E. 428 (1928) Brief Fact Summary. Plaintiff, the executrix of Petterson’s estate, is seeking $780 in damages from Defendant, Pattberg.… PETTERSON.
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Dodds Exercise 2-28: Dickinson Revisited  Sep 13, 2009 But you as the offeree aren't bound and may quit walking at any point. (ii) Petterson v. Pattberg -The P paid $780 and agreed to pay quarterly  May 17, 2017 82 MACKINNON, supra note 6, at 534.