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180 (1870). Heterotypic. Scilla paucifolia Baker, Refug. Bot. 3: t.

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L. crispa appears to be allied to L. socialis   Apparently, Ledebouria species were originally part of the Scilla genus. According to the Pacific Bulb Society, the Ledebouria “is now regarded as distinct from  Ledebouria is a genus of African bulbous perennial herbs in the Asparagus family, A number of species are grown by cacti and succulent enthusiasts for their  Welcome to the famous Dave's Garden website. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. The genus Ledebouria, family Asparagaceae, comprises 50 species of herbaceous, perennial and bulbous plants native to southern Africa, Madagascar , and India  9 Feb 2018 A number of species are grown by cacti and succulent enthusiasts for their patterned leaves.

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14 Jun 2009 That's what it says on the label, but certainly not that species.. Image Before anyone says "Ledebouria socialis/Scilla violacea," yes, the  18 Feb 2021 Ledebouria socialis 'Paucifolia' a slower growing form with shorter stiffer leaves originally described as a separate species in 1870.

The Succulent Garden :: Ledebouria socialis - Pinterest

Papilio polytes ledebouria Eschscholtz, 1821.

Ledebouria species

Ledebouria apertiflora (Baker) Jessop. Ledebouria asperifolia (van der Merwe) S.Venter. Ledebouria atrobrunnea S.Venter. Ledebouria caesiomontana Hankey & Hahn. Ledebouria camerooniana (Baker) Speta. Ledebouria concolor (Baker) Jessop.
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Ledebouria species White River.

181 (1870). Scilla laxiflora Baker, Gard. Chron., ser.
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Holotype: tbc. Synonymy . Papilio ledebouria Eschscholtz, 1821: 206, pl.